Physics Undergraduate

The first lessons will go over some integral Physics. These are some particularly tricky concepts but normally involve setting up problems carefully and choosing correct limits.

I will cover:

1.Integrating over a Gaussian Surface.

2.Integrating to find the Moment of inertia / Centre of mass of Common shapes.

3.Integrating to find the Moment of inertia / Centre of mass of volumes of revolution.

The direction for the blog I’m thinking of at the moment is going to be a subtle redesign and integrating tabs for separate Physics and Maths lessons.

I am also trying to work out how to make graphics look pretty, but to begin with it’s going to just have to be scanned in drawings (nice ones).


And so here it is. A weekly blog dedicated to some of the Physics and Maths trickery going on all around us for anyone who’s interested. It’s not intended to ever be an exhaustive reference for any kind of academic course by any means, it’s just a fun way of explaining a few things that can be difficult to understand.

I’m just getting set up at the moment and working out how to display everything in a clear, pretty, and seamless manner, so bear with it!